DAY 1: Surge

Alias: Noriko Ashida 

Mutant Power: Surge  can absorb electricity from all sources ( static in the air, outlets, etc.), and her powers are based in such a way that she absorbs electricity at all times. To control her ability, she must wear specially designed gauntlets to control her powers, or else her constant absorption of electricity clouds her thinking, makes her speak very fast and in a jittery, electronic fashion, worsens her control over her discharges, and radically alters the electrical impulses in her nervous system. The latest version of her gauntlets was made by Forge and are lightweight and more efficient as they have a adjustable knob to change the level of intensity in her blasts, as well as allowing her to control the input of electricity at a more stable rate. She can discharge the energy amassed by absorption through lightning blasts from her hands or other parts of her body. The upper limits of this power have yet to be determined, though these attacks remain considerably powerful when used effectively. Surge can also channel her absorbed energy into bursts of super-speed. Her top speed has not been officially calculated, but she once ran from upper New York to the mountains of Colorado in one afternoon. Apparently, she can run at several hundred miles per hour, and retain that speed for several hours. Surge has a natural aptitude for leadership, and has had some training Wolverine in hand-to-hand combat.

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